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Christina Liddell

About Christina Liddell

Christina Liddell is an Internationally renowned Oracle, Clairvoyant, Soul guide and counselor, wisdom teacher, writer and artist that works in close connection to the Archangelic & Higher Spiritual realms.


She presents various workshops in vision, personal transformation, spiritual and soul growth with a blend of sacred ancient wisdom, channeled Divine guidance and quantum change. Bringing about balance and harmony in her work.

Personal readings/healings (soul alignments):

Christina works also as a one to one Soul guide offering, readings, Soul alignment sessions & healing/clearings offering deep insight, guidance and divine grace, lovingly expressing her gifts to all who have a session with her.

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Her mission is dedicated to restoring the beauty and the unity in the relationship between God and humankind, believing the power of the Divine is without limitation, measure and in constant flow but we just need to connect back the divinity within ourselves, Our Souls to access the miracles, the power and light within and see the wonder of who we are and why we are here.

Her transformational workshops and one to one sessions are offered to people from all walks of life as gifts from the Divine realms to bring joy, peace, awakening, unlimited gifts and potential to all who participate.

As a divine messenger and servant Christina leads groups all over Europe and her current home in Holland, and offers private sessions in person to those who feel the call to explore and understand the greater calling withing themselves and the divinity.

She has led workshops in body, mind, soul & spirit for many years, has been a Clairvoyant channel for the Archangelic & Higher realms since she was a child. She is also a prolific painter, writer and over the many years also been crystal & color therapist & hypnotherapist.

Her forthcoming book Soul Navigator will soon be available in connection to her new series of beautiful workshops of grace, Soul Navigating